Workshop devices (27 articles)
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ZE298 298 - Battery Filler 2 Ltr. 298 - Battery Filler 2 Ltr.

Filler for distilled water and automatically stops pouring when the correct level in the battery cells is reached. Manufactured from a special oil, acid and solvent resistant plastic.
The automatic shut-off level device is built into the mouthpiece.
Refilling the battery with this dispenser is quick, easy and accurate.

Replacement nozzle for art. ZE298.:
Article: ZE919 ZE298
(min. 1)
ZE678 Additional 6 M. Hose  ZE678
(min. 1)
ZE209 Air Valve Grinder Valve Grinder

An essential equipment in any workshop for a quick valve grinding.
Robustly made, light, practical and easy to handle, it can be used even by inexperienced operators.
Air consumption is greatly reduced.
Speed control is achieved by increasing or decreasing air flow.
This equipment uses a standard air line and features left and right alternate rotation to simplify valve grinding and reduce operator fatigue.
Comes complete with a number of suction pads and accessories.

Art. 235
Medium rubber suction pad Ø 22mm

Art. 236
Medium rubber suction pad Ø 33mm

Art. 237
Large rubber suction pad Ø 40mm

Art. 239
Universal joint

Art. 240
Reducer Ø 7mm

Art. 241
Reducer Ø 9mm

Art. 242
Two screwdrivers

Art. 244
Reducer Ø 6mm ZE209
(min. 1)
ZE430 Atomised Fuel Aspirator  ZE430
(min. 1)
ZE980 Battery Filler Can 1 Ltr.  ZE980
(min. 1)
ZE207 Battery Tester  ZE207
(min. 1)
ZE210 Battery Tester I-Gb-F-D-E-Nl Battery Tester 12V

12 V battery test.
12 V Cars and vans alternator test.
Simple and accurate use.
Test time: 15 seconds!
Battery test according to standard: EN - EN2 - DIN - IEC - SAE - JIS.
Suitable for standard batteries, Gel technology, VRLA, AGM and SLA.
Temperature compensation.
Double contact insulated clips (Kelvin connection).
Test made at low current, without sparks or overheating so not to damage the electronic unit.
The test doesn’t run down the battery.
2x16 characters display at high visibility, with Led backlighting.
Reading possibility in 6 languages.
Polymer box, with soft-touch protection shell. ZE210
(min. 1)
ZE403 Centering Device For Clutches  ZE403
(min. 1)
ZE363/3 Dummy Diesel Injector For 363
(min. 1)
ZE765 Ford Adaptor For 362  150166-765.jpg
(min. 1)
ZE470/600B Injector Tester Included Pipes  ZE470/600B
470/600 B
(min. 1)
ZE673 Jumbozeca - Gas Extractor  ZE673
(min. 1)
ZE237 Large Rubber Suction Pad Ø 33 Mm  ZE237
(min. 1)
ZE236 Medium Rubber Suction Pad Ø 33 Mm  ZE236
(min. 1)
ZE919 Nozzle For Art. 298  ZE919
(min. 1)
ZE720 Poeliesleutel met V-snaar  ZE720
(min. 1)
ZE977 Polinet (15 Pcs Per Package)  ZE977
(min. 1)
ZE417 Radiator Fill Radiator fill

Device for rapidly filling the cooling system of
cars and trucks.
The system works by vacuum, and allows a
rapid and total fi lling of the cooling system
without any need to start the vehicle several
times during the fi lling operations.
Vacuum is generated using compressed air.
When a cooling system is fi lled with liquid,
air bubbles are generated, and these must be
completely eliminated.
Radiator fi ll suits both cars and lorries.
Together with the kit, 3 different size cones are
supplied to fi t different radiator. The device
works on a system previously freed from any
liquid, and allows also tightness test. ZE417
(min. 1)
ZE415 Radiator Tester With Adapters  ZE415
(min. 1)
ZE363 Rec. Compression Tester Diesel  ZE363
(min. 1)
ZE362 Rec. Compression Tester Petrol  ZE362
(min. 1)
ZE5801/RW Reel For Safety Barriers Red/White  ZE5801/RW
(min. 1)
ZE981 Replacement Nozzle For Art. 980  ZE981
(min. 1)
ZE6628 Rotolift Cap. 11-18 Kg.  ZE6628
(min. 1)
ZE482 Signals Tracer  ZE482
(min. 1)
ZE235 Small Rubber Suction Pad Ø 22 Mm  ZE235
(min. 1)
ZE450 Spike Suppressor 12V-24V Electronic control unit surge protector 12-24V

Designed to protect on-board electronics from the voltage spikes that may occur while employing electric power from an external source for fast starting purposes (battery connected to another vehicle or booster). This appliance is simple and quick to use. Connect the two clamps to the battery poles. The red light indicates operating voltage (12V/24V). The buzzer sound indicates the presence of voltage spikes that the surge protector is dispelling. ZE450
(min. 1)