On the top right of this page you will find the button "log in". Click here to log in. 
Haven't you received a login yet ? Feel free to request it at sales@pacauto.be.
1. Enter the desired number with the product. Add this product to your order by clicking on the shopping cart at the top right of the products.

2. Click through to the detail sheet of the product. Here you will also find a box to indicate the quantity. Confirm by clicking on the shopping cart again.
At the top right of the search bar you will find a shopping cart. Click here to get an overview of your ordered items.
Go to your order overview. Below the number of items you will always find a light grey button 'remove item'. Click on this button to remove this article from your order.
Are you interested in our product range ? Would you like to become a Pacauto customer ?
Fill in our contact form or mail your contact details and activity to sales@pacauto.be. We will contact you as soon as possible. 

In the screen of your username you will find an overview of your orders.
You can find an asterisk next to each article. By ticking this asterisk the article will be saved in your favourites. At the top of the website you can find the button 'favourites'.
Go to the 'orders' window at the top right via your username. Here you will see all your orders from the past. By clicking on the green icon next to the correct order you automatically copy this order to a new one. 
Click on your username in the top right corner of the blue bar. You will then be taken to the screen to change your password. 
Attention: save your password very well !
This webshop contains a "quick entry" window. Click on the shopping cart at the top right. Under 'Home' on the left you will see a window. Here you can quickly enter article numbers and the desired number of this product! 
Via 'My User' (see below) you can follow your current orders.
Products in stock are indicated by a green box. Products temporarily out of stock by a red box.
Free order amount 
Belgium: €250
Netherlands: €250
Other countries: €350