Batterie tester (5 articles)
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150016 Battery-charge-start analyzer - digital Battery charge-start analyzer digital BT 282

model: BT 282 (150016)
Application: 12V batteries 12V charge/start system test
	     12V start/stop batteries test
	     12V load/start system test

Operating range: 40- 1200 CCA (SAE)

measuring standards : SAE, DIN, EN, IEC, CA/MCA (BATTERY NR.)

Voltmeter: 4,5V - 16V

Display : Graphic LCD blue / black text

Cable length: 50 cm
languages: English

Accessories and details: internal resistance analysis. Compact design. 
	                                      no internal battery.
Dimensions L.120xW.79xH.22,7(mm) 150016
(min. 1)
150017 Battery tester - digital - printer Battery tester with printer digital

model BT2000 (150017)

application: 6 + 12V batteries
12V start-stop batteries
12 +24V load/start system test

Operating range: 40-3000 CCA (SAE)

Measure standards: SAE, DIN, AND, IEC, JIS, ( BATTERY NO.)

Voltmeter: 1.5V - 30V via battery terminals 60V via test cables
Display: Blue, black letters, 4 lines, 16 characters,
Display brightness adjustable

Thermal printer integrated.

Cable length: 180 cm

languages: English, French, Spanish, German

Particulars: Easy link communication with PC via USB
Date/Time / Storage 1000 tests.
Print personalized
temperature sensor/ compensation

including: roll of print paper/ test cables/ 6 AA batteries
Storage Case

Dimensions L.275xWr.135xH.80(mm) BT2000
(min. 1)
150024 Battery tester - digital - printer  BT747
(min. 1)
252160 Voltmeter - power alert in display  252160.jpg
(min. 1)
252167 Battery-charge-start analyzer - digital - blister  252167.jpg
(min. 1)